After completing the AskSuite chat code installation in your webite, you will have an interactive widget like the example below:

Chat Icon
When the user opens the icon

AskSuite has a menu in ther platform where the most frequently asked questions are already provided and you will only need to choose images or texts to respond, according to your establishment policies, like the example below:

At Stays level, you only need to focus on keeping your calendars, prices and listings content updated, as it is based on information from your Stays that AskSuite will carry out reservation quotes and chat availability checks:

Initial Search in Chat
Presentation of Results
Do not forget to activate AskSuite in your Stays App Center, because without this step, the chat quotes will not return results to the users!

Now that you already know how the AskSuite installation in your website result is, how about checking out more contents about the topic?