Homes & Villas by Marriott International has a clear stance on disclosing the commission charged for reservations: to only share this information with approved program affiliates, under confidentiality.

Based on this, unlike other sales channels, reservations imported from Homes & Villas to your Stays calendar will not have the commission amount broken down, as in the example below:

To add the commission amount, just check your Homes & Villas by Marriott International portal, where you will have complete reservation information and enter the commission amount by clicking on the "little pencil" button, next to the [Not set].

To make it easier, we recommend putting the [Fixed Amount] and the amount in the field next to it.
Do not forget to save the changes made!

After performing this action, this amount will be entered as [Payable Accounts] in your financial routine and the payment date will be the same as the arrival date of the reservation.

In addition, you will have this amount broken down in your [Find Reservation] reservation report panel.

Now that you know about Homes & Villas commission registration on reservations imported to, how about reviewing the connection details?