According to Airbnb data, one of the top five most searched for information by guests on the channel is if the listing accepts pets. So, even if you charge an additional fee for pets, it's worth adding this information on your calendar.

How to enable the charge for pets

  1. Access [Content > House rules], select the option indicating you accept pets, and you may charge for it. Save it;
  2. On [Finance > General pricing settings], enter the fee's amount - it must be lower than the daily amount charged.

How does the fee work on Airbnb?

The fee is applied during the quote process of the reservation. After the guest indicates that there'll be pets, the fee's amount is applied to the reservation amount per night.  

If your listing already has charging enabled before connecting with Stays, please check the field on Stays before connecting and align it according to your policy.If you need to change something, do it on your system - the information will be updated on Airbnb within 5 minutes.