To encourage guests to book and boost new listings registered on Airbnb, the channel offers the possibility to apply the New Host Promotion. This feature consists of giving a discount of 20% on the daily rate for the 3 first reservations of the listings.

In case you are creating a new listing on Airbnb through your system or creating directly through the channel, see how to activate the New Host Promotion setting:

Activating the promotion on the Airbnb extranet

After creating a new listing on the channel, you will be able to view the message below with the indication of the feature and follow the activation instructions according to the Airbnb guidelines on your extranet.

If you choose to activate the promotion, the discount will be applied over the original price sent by Stays to the channel.

Checking via Calendar

Another option to check if the promotion is active on your extranet is via the [Calendars] menu. On the right side of the screen, the indication of the offer will appear and, if you want, clicking on it will be possible to remove/delete.

For more information, access the Airbnb Help Center.
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