The integration with Mercado Pago allows payment solutions by regions according to the country. See the main questions about the integration between Stays and the channel.

How to sign up for Mercado Pago?

Via Mercado Pago's website. The channel operates in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

What technical information is needed to integrate Mercado Pago with Stays?

You will need the API credential, which is made up of the public key and access token fields. This information is available on your Mercado Pago account, on [Your business > Settings > Management and Administration > Credentials]. Enter the keys on your system settings

How will Mercado Pago work on my website?

From the Pro plan, Mercado Pago can be a payment option on your website. There are two possible settings: directing the guest to the Mercado Pago environment or using an interface to charge guests' cards on your website.

The option that directs consumers to the Mercado Pago environment has more charging option, like Pix. You choose the behavior during the channel settings on your system.

What is the responsibility of Stays in relation to the transactions carried out?

Stays integrates the interface between the platforms, however the validation or otherwise of the data provided by the guest is full responsibility of Mercado Pago.