has a number of options for changing the SEO of your website.
This will help you to segment user searches according to the area of your business, which can give you a good position in the search tools.

See below the different areas of your, where it is possible to edit SEO content:

Default pages of your website (sections)

For each option on your website's main menu, you can edit the SEO, which generates more user-targeted searches.
To do this, just access the website editor through the [Website & Template Manager > Website Builder] menu.


Another possibility to configure SEO is per listings in your portfolio.
Working in this way makes it so that each listing have an attractive point to its target audience, which increases their competitiveness in search engines.

To make the adjustments per listings, two actions are required:

1Enable configuration per listingAccess the [Settings > Website Settings > Listings] menu.
Go to the [Listings Settings] configuration section.
In the [Would you like to configure the SEO of your listings?] setting, mark [Yes].
Do not forget to save the changes made at the top right side of the page!
2Configure listing SEO contentAccess the desired listing page.
The configuration area is in the [Auxiliaries > SEO] tab.
Fill in the content in all your active languages and save the changes made!