The [Owner Statements] screen is a conference panel for the income statement routine of your
You will have access to the debits and credits of the owners over a certain period and will be able to collect the items in a [Balance], which at the end of the process, will be a "payable account" or "receivable account" (if the owner owes you) in your cash routine.

To access this panel, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the [Finance > Owner Statements] menu;
  2. In the filters on the left, set the desired period;
  3. Then choose a listing;
  4. Click on [Update] to generate the information

From that view, you will be able to set up a report with income and expenses to the owner and a balance, in order to settle the amount with the owners.

It is important to mention that these features will be available only when selecting a specific listing.

If you only want to see the balance of each owner, it is also possible. In this case, just select the name of the owner in the filter:

Now that you know how to access the [Owner Statements] panel, how about seeing more details on how items are generated on the screen?