Cancellation policy is a resource used by hosting facilities trying to reduce the damaged caused by a guest withdrawing from a reservation. For the guest, it is increasingly becoming one of the decisive factors when choosing a listing.

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How to manage cancellation policies on Stays?

The registration is made through the [Catalog > Auxiliaries > Cancellation Policy] menu. You can pick a name, enter a text content in the active languages of your system, and also activate or deactivate policies.

Once your registration is done, access [Settings > Reservations > Cancellation Policies] to set a standard policy for all listings. If you have different policies, you can set a specific policy by accessing each listing on the [Distribution > Reservation Settings] tab.

How do cancellation policies relate to reservations made via my website?

The kind of policy shows up during the reservation process on the website and also on the reservation information page after the confirmation. Learn more.

During the reservation (confirmation)
After the reservation's confirmation

How do cancellation policies relate to sales channels?

Sales channels policies will prevail, as the reservation was made there. In this case, one very important action is to relate your policy's models to the more compatible existing options on the sales channels. 

If the channel is compatible or has predefined policies' models, go to the [Channel Manager > choose the channel] menu and then access the [Settings > Cancellation Policy] tab.