You can organize the Listings Groups in two different ways. Check the information below:

Creating Listings Group

First you have to create the group and add the listings that are going to be part of it:

  1. Access the [Catalog > Groups] menu;
  2. Click on the green button [+] to start creating;
  3. Fill the group information according to the instructions on the screen;
  4. Choose the listings that are going to be part of the group;
  5. Save the changes.

It is important to mention that a listing can be in more than one group, but do not do this if it is a group for email communication.

Inserting via listing´s page

You can also add a listing to a group that has been created, from the listing´s page.

  1. Access the listing;
  2. Click on the [Distribution > Set Listing Group] menu;
  3. Select the listing you want;
  4. Save the changes.

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