To keep your listings in line with sales channel guidelines and prevent any operational errors, the maximum capacity of your listings is set based on the bed information you register.

Configuring the beds of a listing

Bed configuration is done from the way below:

  1. Access your listing page;
  2. Go to the [Content] tab and select the [Rooms] section;
  3. Access the desired room and click on the [+Beds] option;
  4. Select the bed type and quantity;
  5. Save the changes made at the top right of the page.
The bed options on the list follow the default of sales channels with content connection so that the information is 100% aligned between and the portals!

Frequently asked questions

It is common for users to bring some specific registration questions, so here are some additional guidelines:

I have extra mattresses if needed.
What to do in this case?
To have the real maximum capacity for guests, you must register as a futon in one of the rooms and, if necessary, add this information in the description of your listing, in the [About the space] field.
Are the listing beds displayed on my website as well?The beds information will be linked to each room and will be in the descriptive part of your listings on your website, like the example on the side.
Can I register beds in any room?The beds registration is available in the living room and in the other fields that are related to rooms, marked in green.
Bathroom or other areas are not compatible with beds.

Now that you already know how to configure the beds and maximum capacity of the listings, how about checking out related topics?