After you have finished the stage of announcing your accommodation, Reservations begin to arrive and, in your hurry, our tool will help you collect some statistical indicators about the Reservations. This helps you to define business strategies and further improve your brand.

How to access this information?

The data collected will be inside the path: [Statistics> Reservations in Numbers> Reservations Statistics]. Arriving on the screen, just filter on the left side the period or criteria you want and click on "Update".
From there, enjoy the data on the screen! Here is a list of the information that is available and what might help you:

  • Booking by Partner: In this case, you will be shown which are your Business Partners that are most yielding Reservations. This is for you to look for ways to stay in the partnership with those with the best performance, and also to see if lower-performing Partners have room for improvement, or even see if it's worth holding channel investments or not.

  • Reservation in Advance: This indicator serves to show how far ahead of the check-in date your guests are making the Reservations. This indicator reveals consumer behavior and can help you define pricing strategies, such as early booking for example. Click the link below to learn more about "early bookings" and other actions:

    Click here to know more about "Basic Rules of Dynamic Pricing"!

  • Monthly Cost per Partner: This applies primarily to partners who work with fixed monthly charges per advertisement, such as the old model of the Season Rental and the Free Season portal, for example. To obtain this indicator, simply register the monthly costs of your Partner and the system will divide the value proportionally by the number of Reserves obtained in the period.

  • Stays Average period: This indicator measures the average stay of your guests in the accommodations. The system will present you the general average and also by partner. This is important for outlining your audience's profile, either to optimize rate plans per sales channel, to provide guests with more Extra Services during their stay or strategic partnerships with local tourism players such as restaurants, entertainment activities, tour operators and others.

  • Day on which the Reserve was made: The indicator will show you within the filtering period how many sales per day were made and, from there, it is possible to detect any peaks or sudden breaks in demand. This can be an important ally to build social promotional actions or mass email shots.

  • Time when Reservations are made: The function is almost the same as the above, however in this case, the time apply, but not the days.

  • Partners x Site: This indicator tells you how many Reservations are being finalized by your site and how many are made via other portals. It is common that at the beginning of your brand the indicator by Partners is to a large advantage, but gradually, with campaigns in Google Adwords (or Google Ads), Facebook Adwords, a well-made SEO action and a good service, you develop your brand and start receiving Reservations. If even after these factors, the indicators do not improve, it is important to check if something is missing to improve your site.

  • Instant Reservations x Agents: This analysis serves to give you a comparison of how many Reservations were closed directly by the guest, either in a sales portal or website and how many needed the action of one of its Agents, either by assembling a Commercial Offer or by a telephone or chat clarifications before close the Reserve.


I liked the graphics, but there is not a list of the Reserves measured. How can I access the list?
The system picks up all sales made with "Reserve" or "Contract" status that were created or have been checked in for a certain period. If you want to get a list of the Reserves measured, for most of the charts, simply go to [Reservation & Bookings > Find Booking] and reproduce the searches. 

I do not want to expose this information to other members of my Team. Can I hide it?
Yes. In this case, the ideal thing is that your system has different registered functions, since you provide different access profiles for your employees. To disable viewing of this data in a user profile, simply go to [Users and Clients> Roles & Permissions], select the desired function and in the [Reserve] block, uncheck the "reserve.stats.view" permission.

In the screen that appears, there is no mention of Revenue values. Where can I see this?
In this case, the most indicated route is the [Statistics> Reservations in Numbers> Average  Ticket of Reservation] screen. There will be presented both your gross collection and the average profitability of your guests. I you want to know more, click the link below:

Click here to know more about the average Ticket of Reservations!