does not allow Owners to directly edit accommodation prices, however if your Commission Model has Net Prices, Owners may request price changes from the Extranet in a process similar to the Promotions.

This action is to enable Owners to request discounts on the Net Price and thereby their business may reduce the final price to guests. Therefore, it is important that your Net Price (= Purchase price) are properly recorded.

To request price changes, your Owners must complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the site;
  2. Access the [Reservation Calendar] option;
  3. Click and drag a period in Calendar;
  4. Choose the [Discount] option;
  5. Fill in the values and minimum nights at the right side of the screen;
  6. Click [Save].

The requests will arrive in an administrative panel of your and you will be able to validate or not the request of its Owners.

How to manage these orders?