When working with Overprice Commission Model  it is possible to give the owners an option on the extranet in which they can suggest changes in the Net Price (purchase price) you previously agreed on, in a process similar to the Promotion Packages.

For the Owners to post the requests for adjustment they need to follow the steps below on Stays.net website: 

  1. Log in to the website;
  2. Access the [Booking Calendar] option;
  3. Click and drag a period in Calendar;
  4. Choose the [Discount] option;
  5. Fill in the values and minimum nights at the right side of the screen;
  6. Click on [Save].

For the action to be complete, your listings must have Purchase Prices with the amounts registered in your Stays.net!
Click here to learn how to register the listing's net prices!

The requests made by Owners regarding the net price change will arrive in the Finance tab of their listings, on Discount Requests, and it is up to the administrator to accept it or not. 

It is important to mention that when you accept the Owner's price suggestion, you will have to apply price changes to your sales prices manually!
(Example: creating promotions, promotional packages or changing the base daily rate).

For more information on how to manage the requests for net prices adjustments made by the Owners via Extranet, check the link below: