By default, reservations with the forwarding process started show the total amount of credit that the owner should receive and how much has already been allocated to the finance routine of their business.

The visualization of reservations varies according to the progress of the forwarding, with a logic similar to the system's forwarding status. Check out what each status on the owner's calendar represents.

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Reservations to be confirmed

These are reservations without a forwarding process initiated, regardless of the status in relation to the guest (pre-reservation, reservation...). Owners will only have a space marked in yellow on the calendar, indicating the occupation of the period, but without further information about the reservation until the forwarding process is started.

Reservations with forwarding in progress

Reservations in which the forwarding process has at least already started, that is, the owners will already have confirmation of the full credit they will receive. This status is shown in blue on the owner's calendar. Upon clicking on the reservation, the owner - by default - will already have access to some information regarding the reservation and you can adjust the visibility of some of it.

Reservations with complete forwarding

Reservations in which the forwarding has already had the entire amount of the owner's credit entered into the accounts payable routine of your business. They will be displayed in green color on the calendar.

Canceled reservations, change of listing or changed dates

In case of cancellation of reservation, forwarding of guest to another listing or change of check-in and checkout dates, reservations will be indicated by the color purple in the calendar.

It's also possible to use the owner's calendar only for forwarding reservations, without displaying future reservations in the panel.