When using the Stays.net pricing per period setup model,  it is necessary that you keep in mind that the main goal is to maintain the largest number of listings within a pattern, as this optimizes the rate registration process, but if it is a specific spot adjustment for a listing, you must follow the steps below in the Finance > Pricing Setup tab of your listing:

1Disable the Global Pricing RuleIf your change is to a pricing rule with the same hierarchical level, you should deactivate the Global Pricing Rule!
2Create your Individual RuleAfter confirming the deactivation of the Global Rule in your listing, just go to the [+Period] button and create a new Rule to the period with gap caused by the exclusion of the Global Rule.SEE DETAILS
This feature is to be used only in rare situations.
In case you are using this frequently, it is valid to review your Global Pricing Rule, or create more Regions or if necessary changing the minimum number of nights only, use the Promotion Packages tool!

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