Last minute reservations is the name given to reservations in which the guest completes the acquisition at a time very close to the arrival date. The concept "last minute" is relative to each business reality.

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Practical example of last minute reservation

I am on my way to Rio de Janeiro in a bus coming from São Paulo, and I start looking for listings in the city during my trip.

Last minute reservations are available in establishments and listings that accept instant reservations.

I want to use instant reservations, but I need more time to prepare the reservations. What can I do?

In this case, you can indicate on the system your restrictions about the last minute reservations policy. This way, we can avoid reservations under the time you need. Learn more.

How do the sales channels get my settings about last minute reservations policy when there are restrictions?

When your restriction involves days, Stays send the information as a calendar block. When involves hours, there are more options, because each channel has its own specifications. Learn more.

How is the website's behavior for last minute reservations? (Pro, Administrator and Agency Plans)

On your Stays website, the behavior will be aligned with what you've set. Remember that it happens in listings that accept instant reservations.