In the hosting environment, registering guests is necessary both for legislative issues in some regions and also for providing a good database in the system, whether to have more forms of contact for contingencies, greater control and fiscal transparency or even even for more information for marketing actions.See below how to set up the fields required to register guests in the system.

Configuration of required fields during the Reservations Process on the site

During the booking process on the site or just the visitor record on your page you can edit which fields needed to validate the registration.
In these cases, the name and e-mail are mandatory information for the operation of the system, however you can adjust some more fields, according to your Policy.
To adjust this setting, go to [Catalog> Settings> Guests Settings] and find the option below:

Do not forget to save changes!

Configuration of the required fields for Reservations created via Reservation Center

The process for setting up is similar to what we mentioned in the item above, but the difference is that the email is not a required field, but rather editable according to your preference.

When you reach [Catalog> Settings> Guests Settings], locate the option below:

It is worth mentioning that in Reserves created within the system, there is still the possibility in the same screen, to configure which address information is required during the registration of a guest in the system.


Is it possible to export my Guest data to a Worksheet?
Yes. Through the Exporting leads tool it is possible to obtain Spreadsheets already adapted for e-mail marketing actions.
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I have a duplicate record of a guest in the system. How do I fix this?

Go to [Users and Clients> Merge Accounts] so you can merge the accounts.