Before proceeding with the instructions in this article, you need to know the concept below:

To check available lodgings to receive the transfer of a booking, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the page of your booking;
  2. Find the [Lodging] section and click on the icon at the right side of the word;
  3. Select the [Switch] option;
  4. Wait for the loading of the options offered;
  5. If you want to, click on [More Options] for filters and then [Search];
  6. Choose your lodging by clicking on the [Select] button;
  7. Define whether prices should be recalculated or not;
  8. Click [OK] to finish the process.
Important: If it is a booking imported from a sales channel and the transfer lodgings are not from the same vertical rate group, the transfer process must be done first in the sales channel and then the information will be synchronized by
Doing this manually in the system can trigger calendar conflicts!