The welcome card template is set via HTML code, so see below the guidelines for each user profile:

I am a user who knows HTML codes and I want to do it on my own!

In this case, you must find the editing area by following the steps below: 

  1. Access [Catalog > Printable Templates];
  2. Click on [Master Templates] to open the template list;
  3. Click on the [apartment_address] template to open the code editing;
  4. Make your changes and remember that there is a list of variables on the right side of the screen; 
  5. Save the changes!

Note: If you are editing the content for other languages, save your work before switching to the next language! 

I do not know HTML codes but I have my template ready! 

In this case, send your template to with the subject: I want to edit my welcome card.

Our Design Team will take your template as a reference and will me adjustments to be as aligned as possible!  

I do not know HTML codes and I don't even have a ready-made template!

This is not a critical issue for the success of your Project, but if you want, our system already has a very simple template as standard, where it only shows the address.

You can use it if you want and, when you have an idea for a template, just follow the instructions of users who have a template!