From the moment that you set your policy, the reservations will be created assuming the standard time and for cases that you know that the guest will arrive another time, it is necessary to change the time in the reservation page.

To change check-in or checkout time of a specific reservation, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the reservation page;
  2. Find the [Check-in] or [Checkout] section in the superior part of the page;
  3. Click on the [pen] icon located by the side of the arrival or departure time;
  4. On the [New check-in (or checkout) time] field, insert the desired time;
  5. Set whether there will be a charge or not of the additional fee, if necessary;
  6. Save the changes by clicking on [Update].

It is important to mention that this change only impacts in your, so you can - and should - make this time update whenever you know the approximate time that the guest arrives or the time that he combined for the checkout.

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