During reservations management on your Stays.net, it can be necessary to register additional specific fees for the reservation, therefore check out more details about how to deal in these cases.

What you find in this article

How to apply additional fee via the Reservation's Page?

To launch an additional fee on a specific reservation, access the reservation's page > find the invoice section > click on the [+] button on the right side of the total amount of the desired invoice > Fees > fill out the requested information on the screen > [Description] is internal information and [Notice for the client] is the text generated on the invoice, according to the image below.

When should I use this resource?

The resource can be used according to several situations implied to each establishment and their policies, however we can quote some examples such as bad behavior, penalties, electricity fee (when you do not charge security deposits), damage in bed linen (when you do not charge security deposits), lost keys (when you do not charge security deposits), and many other examples.

Now that you already know how to apply fees directly on the Reservation's Page, how about checking out other related subjects?