When returning the security deposit to guests, a good thing to do is to generate a receipt for them to sign it, with the purpose to confirm that the amount has been refunded.

Stays.net has a generic template for this routine, however it is possible to edit the document for a bigger identity with your business and the way for that varies according to your user profile.

What you find in this article

I know HTML and I want to configure on my own

The edition is made from the menu [Catalog > Printable templates].
Just access the folder Master Templates and then choose the deposit refund option.

Finally, edit the HTML structure according to your preferences in all active languages on your Stays.net, always remembering to save the changes at the top of the page:

To avoid surprises, when you finish editing a language, save the changes before proceeding to edit the next language. 

I already have a receipt template, but I do not know how to edit it via HTML

We can help you!

Just send us your template to sac@stays.net with the subject I want to configure my security deposit return receipt and our Design team will adjust it.

Try to fit your template to the structure of the original Stays.net file, as not all edits will be possible to make, since the document is linked to the logic of your system.

I am not familiar with HTML and I do not have a ready-made template!

In this case, you can start your edit using our default template, however having your own receipt and with all the necessary information of your business, help you to improve your guests' experience.
When you have some time, dedicate yourself to create a template and send us to edit it!

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