During the process of developing your brand, it is very common for you to get guests through sales channels and in the event of a return for a future reservation, this guest register on your website and thus generate a duplicate entry in your database.

Eliminating these duplicate entries is important to facilitate your reservation routine, in addition to ensuring a more accurate record of how much the guest has already consumed with your business.

To merge entries in your database, follow the steps below:

  1. Access [Users & Clients > Auxiliaries > Merge Accounts];
  2. On step 1, on [Source Account] select the account that will be merged with another;
  3. On step 2, in the [Destination Account] field, select the account that will receive merged account data;
  4. Check the information;
  5. Click on [Merge] to complete the process.
This feature is also available for owners entries or users entries.

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