When using Stays.net Cleaning Task Dashboard, you will be able to see tasks with additional indications next to the name of the listing, according to the little hand in the image below:

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How are these icons created?

The little hand serves to indicate the cleaning status that the guest left.

This is configured by the team member who did the check-out inspection and it is necessary for the inspection task to be completed.

For more tips about resolving inspection tasks, see the link below:
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What is the function of this resource?

One of the task distribution models is to base the allocation of people based on the size of the listing, that is, the larger the listing, the more collaborators are allocated to the task.

This is not inappropriate, but there may be cases where previous guests left the listing impeccably, so allocating three people just to meet the basic cleaning requirements, represents a waste of productivity, so the little hand serves as a kind of audit for help cleaning supervision in correctly allocating people to tasks.

Remember that it is possible to share an operational task between two or more members of your team, just click on the “adjustable wrench” icon next to the task.
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