When adjusting the rate plans of your prices rules, it is important that you know what will be the effect of the action and the behavior of these adjustments in your sales channels.

How will the rate plans behave in website searches?

In relation to your page, Stays.net has by default a more receptive policy regarding reservations, so if in a season or event your minimum stay is 3 nights and a guest search for only 1 night in the period, our page will return to them your listings with a daily rate with the amount of 3 nights.

This would help you to increase the profitability of your listings and your reservation volume, however if you disagree, there are no problems: it is possible to restrict the behavior of the rate plans to strictly follow your minimum stay policy.

To do this, just follow the path below:

  1. Access the [Settings > Website Settings > Prices] menu;
  2. Find the [Consultations on the Website Below Your Minimum Stay] section;
  3. Choose the desired option;
  4. Save the changes made in the upper right corner.

How will the rate plans behave in the sales channels?

In the sales channels with rates connection with Stays, the policy is more restrictive.

If your minimum stay for the period is 3 nights, searches of 1 and 2 nights in the period will not show your listings in the result.
In addition, there is a variation in behavior in relation to stays that are in periods with different minimum night policies.
For more details, see the article below: