Before proceeding with the reading of this article, it is valid that you already know the concept below:

The simplest way to delete a credit improperly posted to the owner is the [Owner Statements] screen:

  1. Access the [Finance > Owner Statements] menu;
  2. Filter at the left side by period and listing;
  3. Choose the [Credit] type in the field below;
  4. Click on [Update];
  5. Find the transaction in the screen and click on [details];
  6. Click on [Delete].
  7. Confirm your action in the next window.

If your transaction is already present in a balance, you must delete it from the balance by clicking on [details].

Regarding the forwarding of reservations, the process is similar to clicking on the [details] of the transaction, but the exclusion will take place from the [X] button next to the credit posting.

Finally, if you have already paid the amount and confirmed in your payable accounts routine, it will not be possible to remove the credit, so in this case the way out would be to add a debit to the owner's balance for the next cycle.

Just add a transaction of the [Owner Statements > New Transactions > Transactions for owners] type.