The [My Accounting] screen will be for its Owners to check all the calculated expenses over a period and the revenues that will be received, in addition to seeing the expenses indicators and total revenues since the beginning of the partnership with your business.

In the left side of the screen, it is possible to filter the information that you want to see by period and, from that, the following information are generated:

Total of Lifetime Debits, Credits and BalanceIt is the sum of all registers reffering to the first until the last fowarding made in the listing.
It serves to show the owner how much he has already earned with the partnership.
DebitsIt will show the owner the amounts to be deducted from the balance in the selected period cycle.
Will be included as debits: the projection of bills to pay under the responsibility of the owner, fee charging for personal using of the listing and also the amounts that have already been paid to him in order to generate balance.
CreditsAre eventual projection to be presented to the owner since the moment that you project payments about the fowarding in question, which means, the basis to generate the credits are the projection included in the Owners Statements screen.
BalanceIt is the resulting amount of the selected period cycle.
The ideal is to have, over the periods, the zero value, because it indicates that all the paymets have already been made.

Now that you already know how the [My Accounting] of the owners extranet screen works, how about checking out more related subjects?