When building your website, it is important to change the pre-set texts and add information that is more compatible for your business. We recommend you navigating through the pages of your website, simulating the users' experience, and making text adjustments. This can be done in the following ways:

Translation directly on screens

If your user has permission for translations, it is possible to navigate through the website's pages and change directly there. To do this, click to translate and click on the word while pressing the [Ctrl] key on your keyboard. You can make translations on your system's active languages, and changes are updated immediately.

Internal menu translation

Some terms may not be available for direct on-screen translation. In this case, you can change it through the system's administrative panel. Access the menu [Website & Template Manager > Translations > Web Page] and look for the term on the [Filter records] field.

It is essential that you select the "I want to keep this content, even if Stays uploads other translations the at website" option, as it ensures that your work is not lost during periodic translation updates of the system.

There are also terms that are managed by separate setting sections, on the template editing panel. These editions are more advanced and if you face issues, contact our support team via sac@stays.net.