has a standard basic version for all partners for the website texts.

During the process of building your website, it is important that you make changes to the texts contained on your page in order to convey the identity of your business.

It is recommended that you browse the pages of your website, simulate the user experience and make adjustments to the texts.

This can be done in the following ways:

Translation directly on the screens

Internal menu translation

If your user has permission for translations, it is possible to browse the pages of the website and when accessing an option, you will have the translatable terms highlighted and you will just need to click on the word with the [Ctrl] key on the keyboard pressed.
You will be able to make translations in the active languages of your and changes will be made immediately after your action.
There is a possibility that some terms on your site may not be available for direct on-screen translation.
For these cases, an alternative is translation through the system's management panel.
In this case, just access the [Website & Template Manager > Translations > Web Page] menu and search for the term on the [Filter Records] field.

It is essential that you check the "I want to keep this content, even if Stays uploads other translations at website" little box, as it ensures that your work is not lost during periodic translation updates from Stays.

There are also terms that are managed by separate configuration blocks, in the template editing panel.

These editions are more advanced and if you encounter difficulties, just call our Design team through

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