During the reservation process at Stays.net it is possible to configure some emails so that they are triggered automatically to the guest.

One of these emails is triggered when the guest makes the payment for the reservation guarantee so the reservation is confirmed.

The email can also be triggered manually from the reservation page.

Below is the default email template regarding reservation confirmation:

Subject: [Name of your business | Confirmation of reservation in [city of the booked listing]

Hi, [full name of the guest],

We confirm that the minimum amount of [reservation guarantee amount] has already been paid and your reservation is guaranteed!

See below the main information of your confirmation:

The code of your reservation: [reservation code]

Listing of the reservation: [public name of your listing], with link to the public page of the listing

Stay period: from [check-in date] to [checkout date]

Check-in time: from [check-in policy standard time]

Checkout time: to [checkout policy standard time]

Follow the payment status of the reservation below:

Total reservation amount:

[total reservation amount]

Amount paid:

[total payments sent]

Amount to pay until the end of the stay:

[total remaining to pay]

See more details about your reservation on our website! Just click on the button below:


Welcome to [listing city] and thanks for choosing us!


[name of your business]

Note: For emails triggered manually, in the body of the email there is a function to create a user, if the guest has not yet registered in your database!

When adjusting the content of confirmation emails, stay tuned to the SEE MY RESERVATION PAGE link as it will have a variable to take the user to the reservation panel!

To edit the content of the email sent automatically, upon accessing the [Catalog > Email Templates] menu, choose the reservation confirmation automatic template. As for the manual sending, choose the reservation manual confirmation template.

How to edit email templates?