To streamline your reservation & bookings routine, you can set up the automatic triggering of emails related to the confirmations and payments.

From the [Settings > E-mail Settings > Website] menu you will be able to choose which actions will cause automatic triggering of the messages:

You will be able to make the configuration for the following booking situations on your website:

Incomplete booking alertIndicate to the guests that the interest in booking the lng on the website has been registered, however it is still necessary to confirm the booking by paying the reservation guarantee until the established deadline.
Booking confirmation through websiteAfter the payment of at least the reservation guarantee, from a payment channel of your website, the system will automatically trigger an email to confirm the booking.
If you add payments manually, you must trigger the email manually from the booking page!

Payment confirmationIf the guest makes another payment using your website (the second part of the amount), it is possible to update the total paid for the booking by email to the guest.
In the image beside, there is the option that appears to the guest on the page of their website to execute the payment that is missing.

If you would like to know more information about the email templates, check out our material by clicking on the link below: