Reservation guarantee policy is a feature used by means of listing to charge guests an amount to confirm the reservation.

This serves to confirm the guest's presence on the booked date and, in cases of cancellation, to minimize losses.

This amount is given as a percentage based on the total amount of the reservation or daily rates.

Here are the main questions about this feature:

How to set the reservation guarantee policy?To set your default policy, just access the [Settings > General Settings > Pricing] menu and find the [Reservation Guarantee] option.SEE DETAILS
Where is this setting applied?The setting is applied during the online reservation process on your page and in the e-mail template {{reserve_first_payment}} variable.
Regarding the sales channels, the configuration will be sent to the Vrbo and TemporadaLivre channels.
Is it possible to include fees to calculate the reservation guarantee?The most used model in the market is charging the fee based only on the total daily rate, however if you want to include the full amount of your fees or a proportional amount in the calculation, it is possible.SEE DETAILS
How to define whether this amount is refundable to the guest or not?The refund of this amount is based on your cancellation policies.
These policies can be set from the menu [Settings > Reservations] at the bottom of the page.