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Defining the default Reservation Guarantee

To set the default policy about the reservation guarantee, access the menu [Settings > General Settings > Pricing]. Locate the [Reservation Guarantee] section and choose which options should be visible to guests on your website.

Define the percentage of the amount your guests must pay and save the changes in the upper left side of the screen. 

To avoid unnecessary work, put the policy that applies to most of your listings in the general settings, because with that you only need to edit the different listings from what you adjusted at a global level!

Setting the Reservation Guarantee per listing

In case you need to set a different Guarantee per listing, access the desired listing page and click on the tab [Finance]. Select the option [General Pricing Configuration] and locate the section [Reservation Guarantee].

Click on the [Individual] option and define the percentage of the amount that your guests must pay. Finally, save the changes.

When setting up a reservation policy per listing, it will stand out your default policy.

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