counts with a feature to remind the guest some days before the check-in about the reservation.

This is useful for avoiding no-shows, reinforcing check-in procedures or offering additional services for the stay.

By default, the email triggered by has the content below:

Subject: [Name of your business] | Ready for your reservation at [listing city]?

Hi, [first name of the guest],

We have already started the preparation to receive you on the day [check-in date] on the listing [public name of the listing].

We would like to reinforce that your reservation is scheduled for check-in from [check-in time set up on the reservation].

To speed up your check-in, update your information on your website's reservation page and send us - if you have not already done so - a copy of the ID of all guests.


From now on, we wish you an excellent stay in [city of the listing]!


[name of your business]

It is important to mention that this is a type of e-mail that allows you to customize content by sales channel of the reservation so when editing the email, it is possible to make changes to more than one template (in this case, the parent and child template).

I want to know more...

To edit the content of this default email, just go to the [Website & Template Manager > Templates > E-mail Templates] menu and choose the reservation reminder template.

Just note that in the original content of the email there is a link that redirects the user to the reservation page of the website, so be careful when editing the area next to ACCESS RESERVATION PAGE.