In bigger business, it is common to have partnerships with outside agents who also make reservations and earn a commission for them.

In this case, offers the basic way that is the registration of a partner in the database, where you can create reservations and allocate them to the partner in question.

Another alternative to this process, in order to speed things up, is to give your partner a user access and, with this, he could create reservations in your system, having a restrict access to the Reservations Routine.

Check the steps to give your Partners access to your

1Create a new Role to the user's profileFrom the menu [Users and Clients > Auxiliaries > Roles e Permissions], use the standard role "agent" as a basis and copy the permissions, creating a new role to the user.
When creating the new role, add restrictions such as, for example, "reserve.view.strict", that will show the reservation agent only the reservations made by him.
2Ask your partners to register on your Stays.netAsk your partners to register via website or manually create a user for each one of them.
When you do this process via website, they will be on the database as guests and you will have to adjust the settings so they will have the new role you created in Step 1.
3Set the new Role to the user's profileFrom the menu [Users and Clients > Users], access the profile you want. On [Permissions] tab, find the  [Internal Access Permissions] section and select the new role that has been created.
Besides that, select also, on the Responsibilities column, the option Reservations.
4Calculate your partners' commissionFrom the moment your partners create the reservations and are linked as their agents, it is possible to measure the total sales of each partner through the menu [Statistics > Commission Calculator].
Another option would be to filter the reservations by agent on the [Reservation Center > Find Reservation] menu.

Besides the option presented by the article, it is also possible to export a booking engine to partner's websites (consult us at on this subject) or, if your partner wants to have an automatic connection of calendars, rates and booking engine, we recommend joining the Stays community!

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