During the creation of your promotion package , you will reach the screen belowt:

Check out what which area of the screen means in the table below:

Yellow areaIn the left part of the screen, the values of the current quotation will be displayed.
The minimum stays, the pricing rules in force and at the top, the total amount that the guest would pay (daily rates + additional fees) will be displayed.
Red areaIt is the total value of the package, based on the length of nights you've chosen and the daily rate.
The correct usage is when this value is less than the total value on the left side.
Green areaThis area is related to configuring the base daily rate for the period of the package and also from the [add rate per night] button, you can create variations for the period.
If the package is for 3 nights and you only configure the red area, you would not receive reservations with fewer nights on the channels, so the ideal is to create a plan of 1 night and 2 nights and configure the equivalent daily rate to get to the total value of your package.
The [Show in the Website] button causes these rate variations to be shown to users also during the quotation phase.

Now that you already know how to configure your Promotion Packages in the Stays.net pricing per period model, how about checking out more subjects on the topic?