Having the communication ways configured correctly is important so that your website and your team have the correct contact options available and the approach to the guest is made in the best possible way.

When setting up your channels, you will be editing the following areas of your Stays.net:

Contact form on your websiteThe channels will be presented as options in the website form and the user will be able to tell you the best way to get in touch with them.SEE DETAILS
Creating multistays offers on your websiteDuring the consultation for listings, in periods of high volume of reservations, Stays.net will be able to offer the guest the option of staying in different units throughout the period.
To start this process, the guest will need to validate the offer to register the interest and one of the fields of this validation would be the preferred communication channel for your approaches.
Creation and management of requests madeFor your team, the communication channels will be available when registering or editing a request in the [Request Manager].
If desired, it is possible to select more than one channel by holding the [Ctrl] key while clicking on the options.