By locating your requests on the request manager, it is possible to do the following actions on each of them:

Set someone to be responsible for the requestIn the gray area of the requests, there is a little pen icon and by clicking on it, you will be able to select the agent responsible for this request.
In addition to helping with the distribution of the screen requests, if the guest continues with the reservatoin process on the website, the commission will be automatically destined to the responsible agent.
It is important to mention that for the name to appear on the list, the agent must have the [reservations] user task.
Set a sales channel on the requestAlthough it is a tool aimed at cases where the reservation is made from your website or your team, there may be cases where your business partner forwards the guest to your website to finish the reservation.
It is important to relate your website lead sources to a sales channel, if you have partnerships that make this redirection to your site.
If you want to link a partner to the request, just click on the blue label pen to choose the desired option.
Track the activities of a requestBy clicking on the [Actions] button next to the request and the [Activity] option, you have access to a brief history of activities about the request.
The information is presented in a technical way and the main use would be for internal audits.
If you need assistance in understanding the records, please contact our support team!
Change request contentsDid you register any field in the request incorrectly?
Go to the [Actions] button, [Edit] option and edit the content of all order fields.
Remove a requestThe [Actions] button will allow you to delete a request too.

It is important to mention that all these features have permission management, that is, you can define which of them will be available to your reservation agents.
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