Working with Vertical Rate Groups can bring the following advantages to your business:

Greater margin to manage unforeseen events

As the guest makes the Reservation in one Category and not in one specific unit, you can relocate them to any unit of the category, so you have more control over your calendar and your listings.

Possibility of receiving more Reservations to groups of people

By having listings allocated in the same listing in the Sales Channels, for groups made up of many people, your listings will be present as hosting option.

Some Channels add the total capacity of your categories and provide your listing as option in case the number of people of the group is less than its maximum capacity.

Maximizing the occupancy rate

You can move the Reservations in a way that there are longer gaps for your listings to be able to receive long term Reservations.

As the availability of the category is the result of the sum of the products, even if there is no vacancy for a listing over a period of time, you can receive Reservations spread across multiple listings.

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