The security deposit's management on is done from the Reservation's Page, where it is possible to register the amounts of receipts and refunds, and here you are able to check out more about this material.

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Defining the security deposit's amount

The adjustment is made from the listing's page [Finance > General Pricing Configuration]

It is necessary to register the amount in each listing, whereas on parents' listings in relation to rate groups, the child's listings will already receive the settings.

Managing security deposits1 receipts and refunds

After performing this basic action, your reservations will have the deposit charge integrated and you will be able to control the receipt of the amount by accessing the reservation page [Security deposits > + transaction], fill out the information requested on the screen and save the changes.

Relation of the deposit with the rest of the reservation amounts

All the deposit routine is handled independently of the other reservation amounts, usually on the left side of your reservations control panel.

The same occurs in the reservation process on the website, where there is only one presentation that the amount will be charged and refunded at check-out.

Internal control
Website routine

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