When creating a reservation on Stays.net, the guest has access to a reservation page on the website, where you can do the following actions:

Edit the number of guests in the reservation
In the central part of the screen, it is possible to choose the number of guests in the reservation.
The number of people is always dependent on the maximum capacity of the listing.
It is important to mention that if there is charging for additional guest, the amount will be charged automatically after editing.
Print the guest registration form
At the top left of the page, your guests will have the option to print the guest registration form.
This can help both in terms of operational agility and in situations where you work with "self check-in".
To obtain a better result, it is important to encourage guests to fill out the registration and, especially, to have a guest registration form template compatible with your business.
Send reservation details to a contact
This feature is useful for group travels.
The reservation holder can generate an email to several contacts to share basic information.
It is basically the reservation confirmation, with essential information such as address, rental price and other instructions.
Depending on your Stays.net plan, the content of this email is editable.
Print the reservation summaryThis option allows the reservation holder to print a kind of partial invoice in relation to the reservation.
The main goal is to more accurately describe the contracted services, total amount and the current payment status of the guest.
Edit the arrival and departure timeBy default, the guest can change the time they want to arrive and leave your listing.
This serves to streamline the exchange of information and, once changed, the time on the reception screen will be updated, and the check-in in advance or late check-out fee will be charged automatically, if necessary.
To get this feature working properly, it is important that you configure your standard arrival time and departure time.
Send the guest documentsAt the bottom of the screen, the user can add the guest documents so that the files arrive at your reservation page.
The feature is intended to streamline the check-in process.
Register billing address
At the bottom of the screen, the user can add a billing address to their registration.
This is useful for eventual sending of invoices and other information.
If the guest does not have an address registered in your database, an alert will appear as shown in the example below:
Options to payAt the top, on the right side, your guest can add payment to the reservation, as long as you have enabled payment channels on your website.
It is important for you to know that, regardless of your reservation guarantee policy, the option will be available as long as there is a pending amount to complete the reservation payment.
Request cancellation of reservationAt the end of the page, the guest can request the cancellation of the reservation to your team.
This cancellation will depend on your team's approval and to have a transparent process with the guest, it is important that you have configured your cancellation policies correctly.