The cloning of price rules allows you to set up several structures over the years from a few clicks and, if you have already registered the prices of the daily rates in the listings, you can apply the automatic registration of prices in the seasons and cloned events!

To learn more about the feature, see the table below:

How to clone the rules?From the [Clone] button present in the settings of the price rules.
Does this work with individual seasons as well?Yes. Just open the price rule inside your listings and look for the [Clone] button.SEE DETAILS
Is it possible to copy the prices of the original rule?
Yes. From the [Copy Prices] option during your cloning.
What is the difference between cloning and recurring seasons?The recurring seasons will always follow the same days for the following year, so you are unable to change the duration. In addition, the recurring season will be created only when the original is about to end.SEE DETAILS

Now that you already know how the cloning of price rules work, check if you have completed all the steps to configure your rate via pricing per period setup of your!