Before proceeding with reading this article, it is necessary that you already know the concepts below:

The graph presented by AirDnA in relation to the average daily rate has indicators that represent a monthly average, so for periods when there are peaks in prices, it is recommended that you keep lower prices in other periods of the month, so that you will have a competitive prices average.

A good example of this case is Révéillon, where prices tend to suffer inflation of around 500% and, as normally the first days of December tend to be of low demand, prices in this period are usually low. recommends that you try to keep your price below average if your listings are not "products out of the curve" compared to others in your region, as price is an attractive factor for most travelers and this creates a competitive advantage for your business.
Also, be on the lookout for local holidays and events, as prices tend to rise and you will have a scope to keep up with this price hike, but do not forget to dilute this peak over the other days of the month, so that your average price stay aligned with the market.