See the difference between the offers.


These are variations on top of prices already on your calendar. They offer special conditions based on weekdays, periods of low demand and other variations. These actions always strictly follow the structure of minimum nights (rate plans) and only influence the final daily rate.

Promotions are sent and recognized by some sales channels and highlight your listings within the platforms. They work on all Stays plans, are compatible with the per night or per period pricing model, and are available on the Calendar.

Promotion packages

These are structures designed to fill calendar gaps on your listings and give you the freedom to edit the entire structure of the selected period.

It means that you can edit the structure of the rate plans, create a total price and change the minimum stay policy for the period of interest. This action is just a local adjustment to the Stays price, without highlighting it on your listing on sales channels.

The feature is available from the Professional plan and is only compatible with the period pricing model. To start using it, you need to enable it in the general system settings. Learn how to register promotional packages at Stays.