Simple registration flow

To register bathrooms in your, just follow the steps below:

  1. Access your listing page;
  2. Go to the [Content] tab and select the [Rooms] section;
  3. Click on [+Room/Photo Set];
  4. Choose the desired option;
  5. Save the changes made at the top right of the page.
Registering Bathroom
Registration Result

Frequently asked questions

Check below some frequently asked questions from users and our guidelines during the registration of bathrooms:

I have suites.
What will happen? already understands that a suite is a room that has a bathroom, so it will already be added to the listing count.
Just insert the photos of this bathroom along with the other photos of the suite, as they will be displayed in sequence.
How to register service restrooms?If your bathroom is just a restroom or has a shower only, just select the [1/2 Bathroom] option when creating the room.
With the photos inserted in the space, your guests will easily understand the structure of the space.
My space has a shared bathroom with other guests.
What do I do?
As it is an external space to the guest's place of stay, register the bathroom photos in the area for the surroundings of the listing and indicate in the amenities block and also in the description of your space that the bathroom is shared with other people.
How is information about bathrooms displayed on the website?The bathroom count is informed alongside other key information such as the number of rooms and beds, just like the example next.
Regardless of your question, it is important that you register the amenities you offer related to the bathroom, such as towels, bathroom items, etc.
This is part of the guest's search for listings in sales channels and may increase the views of your listings.
I want to know more...

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