When using Stays.net, you will have content connection with various sales channels in the market and, therefore, it is necessary that your listings comply with the channels policy regarding content quality.

To assist in this routine, we have created a checklist that gathers the minimum requirements established by the channels and we will display a percentage of content quality where the closer to 100% your listing is, the less likely you are to find product submission issues.

The quality verification process is very simple, just access your listings page and when you click on the percentage, you will have the checklist with the items already met and the ones that are missing, as shown in the images below:

Click on the Percentage
Check the List Items

For more details on each channel's requirements and content tips, check out the table below:

Regarding the other channels with content connection not listed above, there are no specific content restrictions, so we recommend following the Stays.net list to have quality listings!