During the charging routine for reservations coming from external sales channels such as Booking, Expedia and others, one of the possible ways consists of asking the guest to provide card details and later the establishment can manage the charging based on what it is called typed sales

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How to see card details provided by guests in the sales channel?

You will be able to see this information on your Stays.net Reservation Page, from the section showing the commercial partner, on the left side in the central part of the screen.

You will have access to an option called View CC Info, in which when clicking on the side icon, will be shown the following details:

On Reservations from Booking.com, there is a maximum limit of card views in which you can see 2x maximum and the details will be available for a limited period of time after creating the reservation.

Can I manage who will be able to see the card details?

From the Administrator Plan, you are able to have more than one user account and, in this case, it is necessary to manage access permissions of your team members.

Go to menu Users & Clients > Find your user > tab Permissions and set the details you want n the field below:

For greater control, users will be able to view the registered card details in their Activity History, so instruct your team members to only view card details to make charges.
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In addition to the [View CC Info] button, is there any other possibility of charging?

If you use compatible sales channels with tokenization, the card details are automatically encrypted during the reservation import and, in this case, you just need to proceed with the typed sales, according to the image below:

Start the charging via card
Choose the card and proceed
Click on + transaction in the area on the lower right and then select the Credit Card optionGuests will already have their card details tokenized and, in this case, just go ahead with the typed sales process.
Tokenization is compatible with Cielo and Pagar.me, and you must choose it in [Settings > General Settings > Accounting] which of the two channels will be responsible for tokenizing cards for sales channels. 

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