To solve pending issues of reservations, listings or general doubts about using Airbnb, the most suitable way is the support through the Airbnb website.

There are a number of articles and materials there that aim to help the user in the first contact with the platform and in addition there is a community where users can post questions and other members help to solve cases.

Check out some useful links below:

Airbnb Links
Airbnb help centerWith the articles produced by the channel, you will be able to check information about your listing, reservation management and other recurring subjects.
It is a panel aimed at guests and hosts.
Tip: Browse with your Airbnb account logged in for a more personalized experience.
Airbnb resources centerCheck out videos and texts with tips to get started in the hosting market and frequently asked questions from other platform beginners.
It is a panel aimed at hosts (listings owners).
Airbnb communityIn the community, you find other Airbnb hosts and their questions and debates about Airbnb.
There you can post your questions to other users or check if any of your questions have already been solved.
It is a panel aimed at hosts (listings owners).

If you are a Stays user with listings connected to Airbnb through our channel manager and you are in need of support regarding the advertised listings or imported reservations, you can activate our team through the chat of your or from the form below:


Gathering key information like reservation number, listing number and guest name is very useful for our investigation, and - if necessary - having photos or videos reporting the case!
We are at your disposal to collaborate with the case and every detail is useful for our team!

Do you want to know more about the Stays and Airbnb connection?
In the links below, you will better understand what Stays integrates with Airbnb and how the connection process between the platforms is done: