Before proceeding with the reading of this article, it is necessary that you know the concept below:

You have received a split reservation because your guest searched for a period in which at least one of your listings in the vertical rate group is available and, therefore, it was possible to make the reservation.

It is important to mention that, at the calendar connection level, channels have the following behavior:

Calendar of a vertical rate group on

In the group below, the period from January 21st to January 26th, if we add up all the products of the screen, we have at least 1 unit available.

This will be the information sent to sales channels when we update your calendar.

Relation of products from vertical rate groups and sales channels

On Booking and Expedia, which are traditionally hotel channels, your parent listing will be the one responsible for representing your product on the channel, that is, it will just be a registration number that represents all your other units of the group.

That is, the guest reserves the product 595564502 of the channel that contains 3 units, but it is up to the advertiser to allocate the guest in the best way during the reservation period.

In relation to Airbnb and HomeAway, you count on this model above and you also have the possibility of advertising the listings individually.
Just set your preferred model in your channel manager settings on Stays.

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