A market trend is re the longer stays for guests in vacation rental, so it can be useful to add the monthly stay value as part of your short-term reservation routine.

For this purpose on the website, it is important to know about some concepts:

Requirements for displaying monthly prices of the listings on the website

To display monthly prices on your website, you will need to meet two requirements:

Work with the prices per period model
The prices per period model is the one that has the monthly rates resource, so it's a premise to apply these values on the website.
Enable the monthly rate in your price rules
You will be able to activate and enter the total value that you charge per month in your Price Rules, however it is important that you know the complete operation of the tool.

How to display the monthly prices in the listings of the website?

To display the monthly prices on the website, just go to the [Settings > Website Settings > Prices] menu.
In the Configure the Display of Your Prices on the Website section, check Show in the Monthly prices field and don't forget to save your changes!

The changing of this action will be applied to your website within 24 hours.

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